Planescape: Arena of Fate

Character building

Hi everyone,
It’s time to start working on character concepts. So figure out if you want to pay a daring thief, an intelligent warrior, or a musclebound wizard.

Some things to know. Everyone had the option to multi class for free, called a gestalt character. This is more like multi class from 2nd edition rather than third. It allows for much creativity.

You may also disregard one class requirement, such as an alignment restriction or stat requirement.

If you want a simpler character, you can stay single class. To balance the power,a single class character starts at a higher level, and gets an xp bonus for the entire campaign.

Feel free to hit me with any questions you have. Cheers!


Yaaaaay gestalt characters. I’m looking at rogue/wizard. For backstory purposes, what world/biome/circumstances will be be starting in? And what starting level range?

Character building
Pixelkitty Pixelkitty

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